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You’ve been told your issues are age related, but what if your general decline was due to being under-moved and not from age at all?

Restorative Exercise can help you find those strength holes and unmoved body parts and bring them back into participation.

No pain, all gain. Restorative Exercise allows you to move with comfort by identifying clear objective boundaries.

HELLO! I'm Carol Robbins

I was born in 1960, so I know how you feel and what your needs are as a fellow dynamic ager. I’ve been studying and teaching movement since 1999 and have helped 100s of people to enjoy a more movement rich life with less pain. I've learned to move through injury and illness as well as in wellness. I’ve moved through pregnancies, chronic low back pain, an ankle fracture, an elbow fracture, frozen shoulder, pelvic organ prolapse, menopause, bunions and more. I'm not perfect and yet I've learned to move well and often.
You can visit my public site here.

  • Movement is for every body
  •  Function is a better indication of your state of wellness than appearance
  • You can feel better 
  • It’s never too late to start building a practice of abundant, robust and regular movement

Movement for dynamic ageing:
 less pain, more gain

Functional, sustainable
whole body movement

Build a robust and abundant
movement practice


This membership is your movement community. A small group membership fosters community and your peers will be a valuable supportive part of meeting your movement goals, whatever they may be. We will get to know each other and our similarities and differences will inspire us to be more understanding of the trials and tribulations life throws our way when we want to move more and feel better.
The membership includes live classes weekly, workshops and regular meetings where we can chat, brainstorm, work out modifications or just sit and listen.  As well as these live offerings, you have access to a library of recordings and new recordings are added weekly. 

I draw on 23 years of experience to meet your needs. All the exercises are “scaleable,” meaning we can break them down into their component parts to find the piece you are missing. You will be encouraged to work at your level. No competition in these classes! I’m not an athlete or dancer, and I’m far from perfect, so many times I will demonstrate how a regular person with regular problems can access each movement skill.
If you are already a fitness fanatic, you may find breaking down movements exposes areas you skipped over, and things you were able to do before become more challenging as you explore the movements using different strategies. The more movement strategies you have, the longer you will be able to sustain your fitness pursuits (be they golf, tennis, hiking, biking, swimming, etc.)

I have a 300 hr Yoga Certification and certified in Level 1 MovNat.
The other big influence in my career is kinaesthetic anatomy teacher Irene Dowd (Julliard). Irene’s work finds its way into class on a regular basis and I think the combination of RE and this body of work sets me apart from other movement teachers. It’s a rare and powerful combination.
I have also studied with Gary Ward whose gait-related work closely aligns with Nutritious Movement™ content, David Grey (PT) and IKN (PT). Any of these elements can find their way into classes for a full-picture, dynamic experience.

My clients report an overall improvement in their health and wellbeing, whether that’s due to regular abundant movement (I’d argue yes) or the community aspect (also yes) or a change in self-belief brought about by support, encouragement and guidance in how to move more safely (yes yes yes!).
Many chronic issues such as pain in various joints and tissues experience improvement. I am not a physio or medically trained and therefore can't diagnose or treat conditions. However, what most traditional methods lack is reintegration of injured parts, and also treating the whole around the injured part! Compensations from past injuries often linger far longer than they are required, setting up the potential for a cascading number of seemingly unrelated issues.
I have insight into how injuries can disrupt the ecosystem through rehabbing my own fractures including a tri-malleolar ankle fracture and a radial head (elbow) fracture, working through my own hyper-kyphosis (rounded back/forward head), pelvic floor issues, hiatal hernia, and bunions. I have a lot of personal experience!

You will receive as much help as you need. You will never be pushed to do something you aren’t comfortable doing (physically) although in my experience, many times the reluctance is from emotional fear of moving again (something anyone who has had a baby, nursed a broken bone, or come back from injury knows well).
 Our culture values exercise and so that’s what is available to us in most traditional venues (gyms, studios, community centres), while movement is often not considered outside of a PT’s office or yoga studio. We can’t exercise all day, but we can move all day! Move more, and rest more; it is possible.
Your body is probably starving for movement, whether you realise it or not, and because these classes are scaleable, you can start any time. We do spend a fair bit of time on the floor and getting up and down, so if you are tired, just sit out what you can’t do. As you get stronger, you will gain more endurance for these skills. Movement is a life long project, not something you need to muddle through as best as you can today. We play the long game!

My students are mostly women between 55-70+ looking to function well into their retirement years and beyond.
Gone are the days of punishing diets and workouts. You want to feel good in your body and be able to do all your day-to-day movements with ease and in comfort. Going on long hikes, getting up and down from the floor, having a well functioning body is something we all deserve. (Of course younger adults and men are welcome too.)

As these movements are daily movements and many are gait related (i.e., walking) you should be cleared by your PT or surgeon to do this work. However, it is up to you to know your limitations and contraindications. Many of the newer THR have none! If you have an older model THR I am happy to give you any modifications you require. If you are awaiting replacement surgery, this work might help in your preparation/recovery. 

I am in the Eastern Time Zone (Toronto). There may be some people who cannot make the live classes but you can always reach out in the community, by email or in the regular coffee klatch meetings with your questions and concerns. The recorded library is always accessible of course. Classes and workshops are recorded for you to view at your convenience. I strongly recommend you attend live if possible for maximum benefit.

I offer two choices for a subscription membership: 3 months or 6. The reason is that I require a commitment from you of a minimum 3 months. You will not see results if you only come to class 1x a week, or if you drop in now and again. I want you to take this journey seriously and commit to the work. Then you will know the potential of this work, and see and feel results. Restorative Exercise is a process, it requires actual physical adaptation, just as anything you want to learn requires time, diligence, application and motivation.
Back in 2012 when I started RE I decided to give it five years. Here I am 11 years later, still loving RE and finding it relevant. I’m  happy and grateful I found RE when I did. If you find it’s not for you, you can cancel your subscription and I will do my best to send you in the right direction. I’m in the business of helping people.
I do not offer refunds. The 3 month option is for those of you who aren’t certain, and the 6 month subscription is for those of you who are committed to the journey.

 We use inexpensive, easy to find equipment such as yoga blocks, straps, half domes and massage therapy balls. You can start with common household stand-ins until which time you want to invest in some dedicated equipment. Don't let a lack of equipment stop you!

Movement is a biological requirement




Being part of Carol’s membership group has been great for enhancing my movement. I have so much more body awareness. Carol gives access to the weekly classroom instruction videos as well as additional lessons that highlight specific body parts. She has also included access to past workshops, most of which are over an hour long.
The best part of the membership is Carol herself! She is very engaged with members. She responds to feedback with a message in the community forum or a discussion in the Coffee Klatch. She also makes time for discussion after each class. Every day I see new ways to incorporate her lessons into my daily life. I am seeing noticeable results in pain reduction and increased flexibility!  
... the lessons are helping me to move more and to move in better ways that do not cause me pain.  The membership is providing me with more in-depth information about the things I learned in Dynamic Ageing. I love the accountability of weekly real-time classes along with the support of a library of video lessons and the recordings of the weekly classes. 

Ready to move?

I'm looking forward to meeting you, moving with you, and welcoming you into this vibrant and kind movement community.

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